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The V-TAB-M fits Magpul CTR, STR, ACS, ACS-L, UBR and MOE 400+401 Mil-Spec as well as Commercial buttstock's and is the only product on the market that allows you to vertically adjust your buttstock on the go. Whether your prone, kneeling, standing or bench shooting there is a comfortable setting for you in seconds. 

V-TAB-M Vertical Tactical Adjustable Buttstock for Magpul

  • The V-TAB is manufactured in Loveland Co to the highest quality standards using the best components and materials. The body is made from high strength Delrin that is both light weight and strong. The rest of the assembly uses industrial grade components and screws. We have over 30 years in the manufacturing industry so you can count on us for a high grade, good quality product.

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